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 - 5 Home version  - Well Organized layers makes it very easy to update  - Site content is 1170px grid wide  - All fonts used in the templates are available for download, the links are below 
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 01_Home_01 02_Home_02 03_Home_03 04_Home_04 05_Home_05 06_Services_01 07_Services_02 08_Services_03 09_Services_Accumilation 10_Services_Business Planning 11_Services_Estate Planning 12_Services_Retirement Planning 13_Services_Risk Management 14_Services_Taxation 15_About Us_01 16_About Us_02 17_About Us_03 18_Awards 19_Careers 20_Company history 21_Our Team Grid 22_Our Team List 23_Member Profile 24_Partners 25_Testimonials 26_404 27_Blog_01 28_Blog_02 29_Blog_03 30_Blog_04 31_Blog_05 32_Blog Detail 33_Contact Us_01 34_Contact Us_02 35_Contact Us_03 36_Gallery_01 37_Gallery_02 38_Gallery_03 39_Gallery action 40_Work_01 41_Work_02 42_Work Detail 43_Footer Style 44_Header Style 45_Menu action 46_Shop_01 47_Shop Detail_01 48_Shop Detail_02 49_Blockquote 50_Button 51_Call To Action 52_Contact Form 7 53_Couters & Countdown 54_Dviders 55_Gallery Image Only 56_Gallery With Bock Content 57_Google Map 58_Heading Style 59_Hightlight 60_Icon boxed 61_Image With Text 62_List Stye 63_Logo Clients 64_Message box 65_Social Icon 66_Subscribe Box 67_Tab & Accordions 68_Team Member 69_Testimonials 70_Typography 71_Work Process  
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