Thin Skin for JW6 Free Download


  • Premium Skins for JW Player 6: Free, Pro, Premium, Enterprise, Ads
  • Skin for JW Player 6 that is the most popular video player on the web, live on over 2 million sites
  • Skin with Thin style based on PNG and Base64
  • Flat Skin for JW6 HTML5/Flash Mobile Player
  • Flat Skin for JW6 HTML5/Flash YouTube Player
  • PSD files included and Well Documented

Configuration Options

  • skin (URL) Location of the XML skin. This can be:
    • An absolute path (e.g. )
    • A domain-absolute path (e.g. /skins/mySkin.xml)
    • A path relative to the HTML file (e.g. ../skins/mySkin.xml)

Reference in Documentation

  • JW Player 6 support
  • Learn more about Using JW Player Skins
  • Learn more about Building JW Player Skins
  • Learn more about Skin XML Reference
  • The free base64 image online service
  • The free base64 image offline encoder
  • JW Player Developer Site
  • JW Player Source Code
  • How to build JW Player from source
  • How to change the colour of images in Photoshop


  • Version 2.0: Update for new version of JW Player 6.12 – 10 January 2016.
  • New color: tGreen Thin Skin project -31 January 2015
  • New color: tBlue Thin Skin project – 28 January 2015
  • New color: tYellow Thin Skin project – 26 January 2015
  • Launch: The launch of the tRed Thin Skin project – 22 January 2015.

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