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Super Spice Dash is a clean and neat 3D Temple Run style game that runs on desktop / tablet / mobile devices. As you roll you collect items and can jump to bump into power-up chilies as well as avoiding the dangers on the road. A fun and colorful game that runs on all devices! The game was created in advanced HTML 5 and works across multiple platforms including PC, Mac, tablet and smartphones.

This ‘endless runner’ game saw our audience race a Spicy Bite through stunning 3D levels. They dodged obstacles and jumped over cliffs whilst searching for Golden Crumbs to reach the next level. The further they went, the more complex the levels became and the faster the action.


We combined an epic and immersive gaming experience with product messaging in a fun, viral and shareable way.

The game runs at a beautifully fast pace, utilising pixi.js under the hood with a whole new set of custom render objects to handle the road. It works on mobile but is pushing the pedal to the metal, so cheap Android tablets will suffer under the strain, but it certainly played smoothly on our iPad and Nexus 7. It’s a really fine example of a global brand adopting an HTML5 game for a major promotion to hit as many platforms as possible.


We made the game such that depending on where it’s being served, it does some clever switching of canvas resolution on the fly. For example, on desktop in order to preserve crisp looking menus we adjust the resolution during the intros and menus and drop it during game play where we need to look after performance.

On mobile the game looks at the device pixel ratio and determines if it can display the canvas at retina resolution, making it look very sharp indeed on those devices that support it.

We make it once, we make it beautiful and we make it fast.

This game is specially designed for mcdonald’s and all rights are reserved to many corporations.

This game is created with the help of engine.

Famous Game is Now officially available on envato.

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