AdBlocker Blocker Red Free Download

AdBlocker Blocker Red can detect nasty ad blockers and display custom message to user

Why do you need it

AdBlocker Blocker Red can detect nasty ad blockers and display custom message to user, and you can lock your content until they disable ad block addons. All you need to do is add some small lines code in your script and your done. If people want to view the content they must disable ad block addons. After disable ad block addons hidden content become visible. Very simple workflow. The content is still visible and indexed by search engines ( SEO Friendly ).

Valid on all browser Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer (8+)

See how it work

This will help improve the traffic to your online goods and result into increased sales conversion.

Check out our cool demo

The best solution to get your money back destroyed by anoying Ad Blockers.

Extremely lightweight jquery based plugin.

Encourage Visitors to your websites If you want to convert your site traffic to money, then this script is the right one!


– Detect AdBlocker plugins and hide content
– Very simple and clean code
– Customize your own button notifications
– User Guide Documentation
– Simple and easy to use.
– Detects all major ad blocking browser extensions on all major web browsers.
– Regular feature enhancements and additions!
– Cross-browsing – The plugin works in all modern browsers.

Final words The plugin includes full source with documentation. The highly requested version of the Blocker puts the power of social sharing into an easy to use plugin.

Configurable No configuration is needed. Just copy a few lines from the demo file and your done.

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