Database CRUD Generator – Material Designed Free Download

Database CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operation using AngularJS + NodeJS + MySQL (Material Designed)

This AngularJS web app is for website manager’s to develop database admin pages with help of an direcitve which in turn reduces the hard repetative tasks. This AngularJS directive is capable of automatically generating the database table management pages (creation, updation, deletion and listing) Developed Based on Google Material Design Specs which produce a aesthetic, fast and smooth UI.


  • Auto generate Material Designed Admin Pages for MySQL database tables
  • Boiler plate to start developing Enterprise level Material design single page web app
  • Supports both local and OAUTH authentication using Passport
  • Based on Google Material Design SPECs
  • Mobile first adaptive framework which is good looking and easy to use
  • Built over AngularJS SPA (Single Page Application) framework
  • Automatically generates ReST API using NodeJS at the backend for faster service
  • Instantly create admin panels with user roles
  • Modular Code – Both client and server
  • Better Authentication
  • Endpoint generator
  • Smarter build process
  • Deploy to cloud with single command


1 line of command to generate front end pages

yo angular-fullstack:route movie

1 line of command to generate ReST API

yo angular-fullstack:endpoint movie

1 line of code generates the fully functional CRUD table for you with List, Detail, Sort, Search, Create, Edit, Delete, Export

<crud-table api='movie' options='options'></crud-table>


  • Demo:
  • Documentation:

Technology used

  • Softwares: NodeJS, MySQL
  • Frameworks: AngularJS
  • Design: Mobile first design based on google Material Design Guidelines

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