Design Tailor – Complete Product Designer Plugin Free Download

Design Tailor(DT), is built on most advance technology available today and offer extremely flexible way to customize any kind of product online from your browser.

if you already have e-commerce shop or looking to start your online business in the web-to-print industry, DT offer you as great tool for your customers for product customization on the fly.

For now DT is available for as jQuery plugin for custom web-shop, developers can use or customize the plugin in the way they want, DT comes along with extensive documentation.

Partial list of features

  • Ready to use graphics, quotes, icons
  • Easy to use Color Picker/ Palette
  • Replace or shuffle layers, lock layers as like any desktop editor
  • Transformations – Position, Size, Rotation
  • Use Opacity for any text, images or icons
  • Choose from good numbers of available fonts
  • Flexible alignment options
  • Line-Height
  • Curved Text with easy to use radius, spacing, reverse and color options
  • Upload your own image
  • Share on Facebook, Twitter
  • Use Flip, copy, Paste, Forward Swap, Backward Swap, Horizontal Align,
  • Vertical Align, Flip, Lock object, any more…

Technology used

  • AngularJS
  • Fabric.js
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Powerful API Functions to integrate in your online shop easily


1.0.0 - initial version released


Support provided via profile page .

Note: you will require programming language to use it for your web shop. Please refer the documentation for API, and other different functions.

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