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domAjax is a small HTML5 javascript library that allows any DOM element to make ajax requests. It also has a simple templating engine that can easily bind returned json data to template attributes written in curly brackets. By default, any returned json object is passed through this micro templating engine which gives you a really seamless ajax experience.

domAjax removes the need for you to code jQuery ajax requests which can easily get messy especially when it comes to processing the returned JSON and manipulating the DOM to add any fetched data.

DOM nodes are configured using data-ajax-* attributes and the domAjax library takes care of the rest.
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// domAjax Template

 <div id="posts" data-ajax-url="/posts/">     <div class="single-post" data-ajax-repeat="posts">         <span>{{author.image}}</span>         <div>             <span>Written by {{}}</span>             <span>Submitted {{dateCreated}}</span>         </div>         <div class="writeup">             {{content}}         </div>         <div class="comments">             {{comments}}         </div>     </div> </div> 

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