Flekialert, Fully Customizable Alert Free Download

alert() is a pretty cool JavaScript function, but it can break all the fancy design on your web page. Flekialert is a powerful jQuery plugin so easy to use that you’ll include it to all your future projects!

You can use the Flekialert with a single line of code, super-easy configuration, even for those with very little programming experience.

An independent CSS file is provided to include it on your page so your alert will have basic shapes and colors. You can modify that CSS file, but the plugin is developed keeping in mind not to edit this file, but pass your styling options to the plugin (see the included documentation for extended information an examples).

The documentation is explained as an step by step process and with 5 different examples so you can understand how the plugin works and what options and methods you can use.

The files that you’ll need in order to make the plugin works are:

– flekialert.css (general styling) – flekialert.js (plugin engine)

Also, you’ll need to include jQuery before the flekialert.js file.

An HTML file is provided with 5 different examples (the same as in the demo, but with the actual plugin showing the alerts – in the demo they are hard-coded -).

On the demo I’m using Open Sants font, from Google Fonts, but you can use whichever font you like.

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