Frostify – Frosted Glass Effect for your Website Free Download

Frostify is a small, but customizable plugin that allows you to add a frosted glass effect to your website.


Page load is improved by loading only the elements that will most likely need to be blured soon, instead of loading all the elements.

Mobile Device Support

Frostify works even in mobile devices, regardless of screen size and density, if your website was designed with mobile screens in mind, Frostify will work great.

Ease of Use

Frostify is plug and play, and it’s customization can be simplified one step forward by using the included settings generator.


Using JSON, you can easily customize:

  • Position
  • Size
  • Loading Mode
  • Background Color
  • Glass Tint Color
  • Blur Strength
  • Which Element Contains Your Content
  • And more…

Website Compatibility

Frostify works both for your current website, as well as future websites you may want to create.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Frostify works accross all modern browsers, working without blur in Internet Explorer.

Easy to Configure CSS Transition Support

If you use CSS transitions, you can easily prepare Frostify to apply the same transitions under the glass.

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