Interaction Plus: JS – Animated Popups and Modals Free Download

Make your website interactive & attract more customers with Interaction Plus.
Interaction Plus is a collection of animated popups and modals, with ability to also animate its sub elements. You can show popup window on page load, on leave, on scrolling or show it on click event. With Interaction Plus you can attract and pay users attention to certain stuff when and where you want.

This product includes CSS, HTML and Javascript, it’s not a WordPress plugin.


  • 20+ Modals and Popups templates
  • Custom popups and 3 dark schemes: red, green, blue
  • Animation
    fade, move, background color, blackout, resize
  • Sub Animation
    animate element and its sub elemnts simultaneously
  • Easings
    a lot of easing functions for animations
  • Scroll
    scroll to any point of site with animation and easing
  • Resize
    resize element to % of window size
  • Triggers
    trigger popup, show, hide actions with or without delay, or with random delay
  • Init Trigger
    Trigger action on page load
  • Leave Trigger
    Trigger action on window, page, block leave
  • In View Trigger
    Trigger action when certain area or point is in view
  • Scroll Trigger
    Trigger action when page is scrolled to certain area or point
  • Block Actions Triggers
    Trigger action before or after show, hide action

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