Materialized Calender in AngularJS with MySql and Nodejs Free Download

EventsX- Materialized Calender

    • HighLights
      • This calender can be used as event manager, appointment manager, or as a planner. This is very useful in office, clinic or any front desk where random events need to maintain in calender. This is a angularjs based calender with materialize css. It has backend as mysql and nodejs.

      • Materialize clock-picker
      • Materialize color-picker
      • Drag and Drop events and then edit
      • Materialize datepicker with month and year selectable
      • Babel javascript
      • Can be extended to full Admin panel
      • Socket.IO with live data broadcasting

  • v 0.1

    Initial Version

  • Pre-requisites
    • 1.Node (Server)
    • 2.MySql (Database)
  • Live Demo
  • Technology Stack Used

  • MySql 5.7
  • Express 4.9
  • AngularJS 1.4.9
  • Node.JS 4.2.3
  • Install

  • Run the following commands and the application will start automatically
    npm install yo -g (Install yeoman for scaffolding web application)
    npm install grunt-cli -g (This creates and runs javascript repetative tasks) 
    npm install bower -g ( A frontend package manager for web applications) 
    npm install (Install all nodejs dependencies, also automatically installs bower components)
  • Buid and Run

    grunt serve  [for running in dev environment with livereload]  
    grunt serve:dist  [Buid and run in production mode]  
    grunt --force  [buid with Administrator rights]

    Note : If any of the test failed or any error in running application, please install npm and bower with latest verion and in Administrator mode in command prompt

  • Usage

     npm install -g generator-angular-fullstack 

    Create ES6 based ReST API

     yo angular-fullstack:endpoint brand [DESIRED_TABLE_NAME] 
     yo angular-fullstack:route brand [DESIRED_HTML_PAGES_NAME] 
     yo angular-fullstack:controller brand    
     yo angular-fullstack:directive [Custom Directive] 
     yo angular-fullstack:filter [Custom Filter Name]
     yo angular-fullstack:factory [Custom Factory Name] 
  • All Features
      • Real time sync data from any client
      • Authentication with role
      • Realtime updates – Any changes to database is updated in Realtime
      • Token expire time
      • Session management
      • Login
      • Change Password
      • Password encryption with SHA1
      • Automatic minification, compression, CDNify during deployment
      • Live reaload while development
      • User roles
      • Auto selection of resources for development and production
      • API with role based authentication
      • SEO optimized title for each page using keystone.utils for slugify
      • Responsive front end to fit any screen
      • Modular code structure for faster development
      • Each module is placed inside its own directory for easy management
      • Separate configuration envirnoment for development and production
      • Message for post confirmation/error
      • Sliding system – so that user won’t have to leave the page for updation

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