OiljiLookup – Lookup DropDown SelectBox Free Download

OiljiLookup is a visual element that helps you to select the definite meanings from a lookup window. It’s possible to include OiljiLookup in any web application with the help of developed jQuery-plugin or Single Page Application created with the help of Angular 1.* version. (In case you have it. You may use a our angular-directive.) Our application’s configuration flexibility helps you to visualize any json-array.

Configuration possibilities:

  • Possibility to visualize any json-array;
  • Single or multiple selection;
  • Possibility to group array elements within the specified field in the titled group of elements;
  • Possibility to follow the visual element’s life cycle with the help of the following events: initialization, choice window opening, choice of elements in a list , closing of a popup window;
  • Possibility to change a size and positioning regarding its visual element;
  • Possibility to redefine visual style:
    • of elements in the list that is chosen by a user;
    • of the titled groups that combines the elements in a list;
    • of the element that presents combined information about the selected elements;
  • Possibility to redefine all text messages in OiljiLookup. That means it will be easy to localize the visual element in case it’s necessary.

There is just one dependency on jQuery.

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