Quiz Material 3.0 (Inspired by Google) Free Download

Smart quiz engenieer 3.0

It is better solution if you need quiz system on your site.

Full documentation you can find on this

Quiz has next benefits:

  1. App can work in two modes- like antire application and like angular quiz module
  2. If you need to use this like entire application you just need to data.json file
  3. Max count of question is 15
  4. You can configurate timer and functionality of typing user name
  5. Approach of social sharing of you test – let’s talk to you friends, how smart you are
  6. You can answer on question and return to change answer
  7. Simple user-friendly interface
  8. Material Design style

Technologies that were used in project:

  • AngularJS
  • Sass
  • Gulp
  • Angular Material
  • Bower

In this bought you will have entire quiz application, that is in dist folder, also, in you would like to edit module, there will be app folder, and you should run ‘gulp’ command in this root folder to start local web server and edit the module 
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