Scattered Polaryd Gallery Free Download

A flat-style Polaryd gallery where the items are scattered randomly in a container. When a specific item is selected, it will move to the middle while the other Polaryds will make space for it by moving to the sides. Optionally, an item can have a backface which will be shown by flipping the Polaryd when clicking on the current navigation dot again.

The resulting gallery shows some Polaroyd images with a title, randomly rotated and spread in a container. When navigating the images, the current one will be moved to the center and the resting Polaroyds will move to the sides. Optionally, we’ll have a backside for each Polaroyd which can be viewed by clicking the current dot of the navigation again. The indication for an existing backside will be a rotated arrow on the dot. Once the dot is clicked again, the dot itself will flip and so will the Polaroyd, revealing the description on the back.

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