ShopNx – AngularJS eCommerce Web Application Free Download

ShopNx is a ready to use single page Shopping Cart web application with many useful features of an eCommerce website. It is lightweight, flexible, adaptive, secure and easy to install Just Install it and start selling your products and receive payments through PayPal We provide full support including installation.



Technology used

AngularJS, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB

  1. Requirements Install the following 2 softwares

1. Node (Server) 2. MongoDB (Database)

  1. Install Unzip files and run the following commands

1. Unzip files 2. Open command prompt / terminal 3. Browse to the main application directory and run the following commands 4. npm install (This command installs all nodejs dependencies. If you are in a linux machine, may have to add sudo before the command) 5. node server/app.js (This will start the web server) 6. Open your web browser and point to

  1. Features
  1. Store Front features
  • Single page web app (SPA) created using AngularJS, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB (MEAN)
  • Fastest shop experience
  • Fast Product Search, Filter with AJAX
  • Price slider and multiple brand selector
  • Faster Add to Cart and Product Details
  • Checkout with Paypal Integration
  • Minimal User Registration process
  • Order history and Password Management
  • Facility for Multi level Category
  • Mobile optimized with Bootstrap
  • Instant updates for any changes made across all clients with SocketIO implementation
  • Loads more products on scroll (No paging required)
  • Clean and responsive user interface
  1. Store Back Office Features
  • Products, Categories, Brand, Order Management from admin panel with easy directives
  • Manage Order and Change Status from admin panel
  • Facility for Multiple product variants (size, color, price, image)
  • User roles – Administrator, User, Guest
  • SEO friendly URLs for each page
  • Secure and quality code – Takes care all single page web app standards
  • Securely built and prevent security attacks

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