Smooth Animate – Make your Animations Really Smooth Free Download

What is SmoothAnimate?

SmoothAnimate is tiny, super lightweight (5.2kb minified) javascript plugin that is designed to replace horribly slow jQuery’s $.animate().
It makes your animations really smooth and fast unlike jQuery.
It’s even faster than CSS animations!

How it works and why it is faster than jQuery?

Quite simply, because it works through requestAnimationFrame and written in pure JavaScript, that makes your animations so smooth as possible.

Why you’ll want it?


  • Faster than jQuery – a few tens of times faster!
  • Smoother than CSS – indeed
  • 28 predefined Easings – + your own custom cubic Bezier curves
  • Queue of Animations – and chaining animations with jQuery
  • Small size – something about 5 kb in minified version
  • Cross-browser code – support IE9+/Firefox/Chrome/Opera/Safari
  • No Dependencies – written in pure JS, also works with jQuery

Check the Demo

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18 February 2016 – version 0.2.1

 * Minor changes and fixes 

11 February 2016 – version 0.2.0

 * Initial release 

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