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Scalable Vector Graphics is an image format which can be animated by javascript. This item enable you to animate a SVG document from a video (works also without video).


Thanks to the editor, you can draw your own animated SVG. Import a video, define the video box size & design, add, delete and edit SVG forms. Animate them with Javascript thanks to powerful libraries Jquery.js, Keyframe.js, Velocity.js

Easily change/switch/swap every forms thanks to the WYSIWYG interface.

Create, modify and delete forms with a WYSIWYG. Set hover attribute, keyframe animation, path, tooltip message.

Documented and resourceful editor. Let’s build your own SVG project easily with a clear and modern design.


The video has its own video box design with controls.


Three kinds of animations : Static, Keyframe, Path, Tooltip.

  • Static : Define CSS attribute on oveflowing a form.
  • Keyframes : Define CSS keyframe animation for each percent triggered on events.
  • Path : Draw a path and make the forms follow this path triggered on events.
  • Tooltip : Define text message on overflowing a form.

Make a difference on your website

Make interactive video or image on a modern and animated website.

IMPORT EXPORT YOUR PROJECT Thanks to the editor you can import and export your project in a .xml file.

EASILY INTEGRATED The integration is automatic and easy.

CLEAN REUSABLE CODE Modify and re-use source code.


Automatic integration. Compatible with all the browsers and for multiple integration.


Video box :

Editor :

Example :

Thanks to Peter Finlan for the website :

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