terminal – Console Style Page Loader / Preloader Free Download

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You’re most likely looking for something specific – not a generic plugin that will bend to your needs. CodeDroid12 plugins are not all-in-one or multipurpose. They’re built to serve one specific task well – and usually with a quick Copy & Paste approach. The idea is to get your problem fixed as fast and efficiently as possible – without you needing to even waste time reading documentation.

terminal – Console Style Page Loader / Preloader

terminal is a customizable page loader that mimics old school computer terminals / DOS. Terminal includes multiple loading modes, color presets and customization options. Installation is painless and takes seconds to install and customize – just copy and paste!

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Copy and Paste approach – no lengthy docs!
  • Directory Listing Mode
  • File Loading Mode
  • Full HTML control – say whatever you want!
  • Delay and Speed control for each line
  • Custom loading character options
  • Overlay speed controls
  • Easily add to any existing page
  • Includes 6 color presets

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