The Circular Rating – Cool & Attractive Animated Rating Free Download


The Circular Rating plugin is an awesome fully animated JavaScript plugin that can be used in any website to rate products, photos or anything in a cool way! It will make your website more dynamic and attractive to visitors. It is very easy to use, just a One Line of JavaScript will do everything you need to build this plugin and customize the colors/sizes as you wish.


  • Easy installation via one JavaScript line
  • Fully dynamic and animated
  • Cross Browser
  • Customizable, you can customize the colors, sizes, etc.
  • No JQuery used
  • Only 9 KB – clean code
  • Fully detailed PDF documentation, it includes how to use this plugin with a web form

Help & Support

We’d be very happy to provide you with the help/support needed. Our response is very quick. If you need any customization then never hesitate to contact us.

Demo URL

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