zConfirm: Elegant Modal JavaScript confirm() Free Download

                    zConfirm: Elegant Modal JavaScript confirm()

is a jQuery script that gives you ability to make the become more beautiful, and it is designed to include necessary resources automatically; so it’s super easy to setup.

zConfirm is an advanced script to power up your boring JavaScript confirm() method. It includes 5 built-in styles to create awesome, easily and rapidly without any skills of web design.

zConfirm has also implemented many great CSS animations for events: showing, hiding and focusing. Besides, it comes with dozens of predefined CSS classes to customise the , allow you to create hundreds of various combinations.

This item requires to work, see if your browsers disabled or just check to see now. Besides, if you want to create UNLIMITED mobile sites, maybe is a great choice.

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  • jQuery v1.11.2+
  • Bootstrap v3.3.4+
  • Bootstrap Modal v2.2.5+
  • FontAwesome
  • Animate.css


zConfirm is designed to include necessary resources automatically; so it’s super easy to use for creating .

<script type="text/javascript" src="path/to/jquery.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="path/to/zConfirm/zConfirm.min.js" id="PSZ_Library_Loader"></script>  <script type="text/javascript"> $.zConfirm({     title    : 'Do you like zConfirm?',     ok        : {       click      : function(){alert('Ok clicked! Thank you so much');}     },     cancel    : {       click      : function(){alert('Cancel clicked. May tell us why you do not like zConfirm?');}     } }); </script>

All Hot Features

  • Nicer confirm() Method
  • Responsive Mobile-friendly Interface
  • Stunning Animations from CSS3 animations
  • Super Easy to Use
  • Compatible with all browsers
  • 5 Built-in Styles
  • More options to style & customise
  • UNLIMITED calls in 1 page load


All updates & changelog listed

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