Auto Email Attachment Free Download

Auto Email Attachment allows attach file when the system notify order, invoice, shippment, credit memo via your email. It is a necessary magento extension on your website with many benefits below

Automatically attach file

You do not need to remember to attacha copy of Order, Invoice, Shipment and Credit Memo as PDF documents to emails. Automatically attach any PDF document to Order, Invoice, Shipment, Credit Memo emails

Automatically attach your Terms and Conditions

Your terms and conditions as html or text file will be automatic attach to Order, Invoice, Shipment, Credit Memo emails

Save a huge time on many documents attachment

This extension helps attach a lot of items as Invoice, PDF documents, Order info, shipping and so on to sales emails.

Easily to control

Fine grained settings allow complete control document or PDF filewhich attached to sales email without comments.

Create and attach Order Confirmation asPDF file

Create an Order Confirmation asPDF documentfrom the Order Overview screen or individual Order View page and it contains the same information as an invoice. Print Order Confirmation directly from the Order Overview screen.

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