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Auto Translate Pro Magento extension– A must have extension for all multilingual stores to increase sales volume. This extension is an excellent result with 6 months of continuos innovation and development in Magento ecommerce stores.

Why all stores should have it in site?

It helps them to present their website in customers native language with one 1 click. That is simple and easy with product category, cms pages, static block, review, tags and so on. And one important thing, it increases the turnover of the shop by many customers come from over the world.

Shop owner can guarantee that shoppers from certain advertising campaigns will view a language, so shop keeper can expand into new market. The world is open when using Auto Translate Pro extension.

I want to emphasize one more benefit thing that this extension brings to customer is flexiable custom in any site because it is 100% open souce.

Admin can turn on/off module easily, show on/off confirm autotranslate and translate box. Admin can change question content before translating. Finally, admin can select different language that appear on drop down box in front-end.

It compatible with Magento 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x

Main Features:

    Translate all page with only 1 click: Your beloved customers just go to ” Your language” box and choose the language that suitable for them.

    Support for 68 languages: Your store can be translated any language used on the internet. Ensure you never miss a sale with people understand what you sell on their preferred language.

    Enable Autotranslate: Admin can turn on/off module easly on back-end

    Confirm autotranslate: This extension allows customers confirm atfter they choose their own language

    Show translate box: When customer select a language and confirm that, it appears a translate box with meaning is “please wait us few seconds”

    Confirm text: You can change question title before translating. Give the best question as you wish

    Allow translate to the Countries: You can select countries that your store can reach new market. These language will appear on drop down box

    Easy installation and customize: With only 10 minutes to install, this extension will appear on front end. And if you want to custom it as your purpose, it so simple.

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