Magento 2 Premium Shipping Rates Extension Free Download

The Mage4you PremiumRates extension has got a lot of great features:

  • Completely based on Magento® v2 backend, no coding required to change prices, add rates, etc
  • Allows multiple postage rates to be displayed for the customer to choose from
  • Zip code based filtering. Can either use the basic “starts with” criteria, or more complex pattern matching
  • Support for numerical zip code ranges – e.g. specify a price that applies to all postcodes within the range 9755-9999
  • To be able to specify an upper and lower boundary for price, weight, or item vs destination rates
  • The management of shipping rates is done via Magento® v2 backend, there you can edit and add all shipping rates. Shipping calculations are then done via sql searches, providing efficient results.
  • Support for multiple countries, regions and/or zip/post codes on single line
  • Ability to filter on weight, price and #items combined
  • Ability to filter on Volume Weight (and/or weight combined)
  • Capability to charge additional charge per unit of weight
  • Google Checkout compatibility
  • Ability to calculate shipping on Cart prices including tax
  • Ability to change the sort order of rates output
  • Ability to set cheapest shipping method as free

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