Magento 2 Promotion Bar Free Download

Add a promotion bar to your online store in seconds, and engage with your customers easily. Communicate important messages or promotions, encourage social sharing, all in a friendly elegant fashion.

The Promotion Bar is mobile optimized and appears in every page of your website/store, in order to attract the customer’s attentions in a non-invasive efficient way. The Bar makes it easy to share a custom message with your audience.

User Engagement = Increase in Sales

Key Features:

  • Fully Responsive
  • Add your custom message to the top bar
  • Promote offers, news and coupons effectively
  • Easily drive traffic to specific pages
  • Customize text and background colors
  • Add eye catching animation
  • Add a link button to drive more traffic to a specific product – either your own pages or an outside website
  • Free to use. No coding required. Easy Installation.
  • Auto-schedule and display bars based on promotion period
  • Works perfectly with multiple stores
  • Support unlimited active bars

What can you do with Promotion bar?

  • Notify customers using promotion bar
  • Greet users with a custom message
  • Remind customers about current promotions
  • Easily drive traffic to specific pages
  • Introduce a product with promotion bar and create a hyperlink via buttons
  • Auto-schedule and display bars based on promotion period
  • Support multiple active bars at same time
  • Everything in the bar is fully configurable to match your store theme
  • Easily create promotion bar for different stores

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