Magento Homepage Slidershow Extension Free Download

Magento Homepage Slideshow is perfect for sliding and fading images on your home page or other pages of your Magento website.

A homepage slideshow often draws the highest attention of shoppers. Slideshows display one after another images, containing text and headings. Creating a homepage slideshow on your Magento store to impress visitors by your particular products, Cmsmart Team are very proud to provide you a robust, reliable and out of box Magento Homepage Slideshow, an innovative module beautifies your online shop.

Magento Homepage Slideshow has a lot of awsome features like image manipulation, animation effects, and animation speed. There areeye catching animations on the front end, visitors can see important information. Admin can have a wide range of settings to customize it, choose options to show or hide thumbnails, arrows and slide numbers. Speed, effect and styles can be adjusted.The extension will help create strong first view on your own site.

Admin can add unlimited number of images and titles . Magento Homepage Slideshow can slide any content – images, text, HTML content, videos and SWF files, fully customizable, giving beautiful effects.

All features

Smooth transition and animation effects
Auto-play can be stopped upon user interaction
Support multi-stores
Support all browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Internet explorer, Safari, ……
Support all mobile devices and screen sizes
100% open source code
Full extension package
Full user-guide document
Easy installation and configuration
Easy customization to your own website’s style

Work well on all mobile Magento themes
Add/ edit/ delete images of the slideshow.
Easily select products for the slideshow
Select static blocks in the list to show off the slideshow
Select position options of text in the slideshow
Select Yes/No to enable/ disable the slideshow
Select Yes/No to show or hide texts on the image
Assign Width and Height for the slideshow
Select slideshow Transitions
Select slideshow Animations
Select slideshow Directions
Options for slideshow performance

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