Magento Save Cart Extension Free Download

Magento Save Cart plugin helps customers save items in the cart for purchasing any of them at next shopping times.

If only you played a customer role shopping online, when on the checkout, you missed to buy the product due to lack of money or any other inconveniences interfered. The problem here is for the next time, you go shopping that store again, and you have to remind the name of the product or search categories to find what you’re looking for. That’s why we create this extension, helping customers buy items again as well as change conversion rates on sellers’ stores.

Shoppers shop online normally, saving items in the shopping cart and finally, they add items to the save cart as favorites or reminders for next time. Choosing the save cart option, filling the name, then shoppers will see all saved items, date and time. Besides, it’s easy to remove items in the cart or use them to checkout instantly.

The save cart link will only be accessed after a certain product is added to cart. It means that “Save cart” must be the last step of your shopping. The system automatically manages customer’ shopping items following the users after they log-in account successfully.

Besides, Magento save cart plug-in allows to create a cart name. A light pop-up window appears after the cart is saved to notify that the action is succeeded.

The save cart plugin presents briefly and tidily the saved date and total price for customers on the “My account” page, searching by different indicators such as dates or names. Customers are flexible to manage carts with show/hide options. Magento Save Cart Plugin shows the option “Use cart”to move items to the shopping cart quickly, your customers can carry out the next step or remove the element in the store cart easily.

Besides, customers can send emails about their save cart to any email address wanted.This is for to inform some one else about an item that they are interested in.

Magento Save cart Plug-in will be an advanced leap. The satisfaction of customers will bring a lot of benefits to your own business.

Let’s enjoy the extra impacts of Magento Save cart Plug-in.

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