Around The Space – Xcode Game Template With Admob Ads and Buildbox File Free Download

Around the Space is a simple but funny game template. It comes with Admob Ads, Buildbox file and others.

  • ADMOB BANNER AND INTERSTITIAL ADS: Template comes with Admob ads.
  • BUILDBOX FILE INCLUDED: You can view, edit the template or add some extra features to it.
  • TRENDING GAME TYPE: This type of games are now trending. Get your game today.
  • BOTH FOR MOBILE AND TABLETS: Publish this game both for tablets and mobile.
  • AWESOME DOCUMENTATION: We have a youtube channel to share tutorials, also this template comes with easy-to-understand documentation.
  • ANDROID VERSION IS ALSO ON THE MARKET: Check our portfolio and you will the Android version.
  • AWESOME SUPPORT: As I dont have so much customers, I have free time to do their jobs. Write me in any subject. I will be here.
  version: 1.0 - first version of app. 

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