BackPack Ride – iOS – Android – iAP + ADMOB + Leaderboards + HeyZap Free Download

BackPack Ride is a cool and addicted platform game. You have to guide the boy with the backpack true all kind of obstacles and enemies.

Very addictive game play and fun to play, you can buy shields in the game or in the pause screen with In-App Purchase or with in-game coins or you can watch a movie to earn a shield. With a Shield you kill each enemy and obstacles so it is a great way to make a high score when you have bought a shield.

For Monetization you have: interstitial AdMob Ads – Make money from Ads easily, iAP (in App Purchase) No Ads (Remove the Ads in the Game), iAP (in App Purchase) Buy a Shield or watch a movie with HeyZap to earn a shield.
So enough ways to earn money with this Game!
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