Bike Motocross Racer Free Download

Demo APK from here instruction video from here

  • Main Features * – Checkpoint system – Admob integrated ( banner + interstitial ) – Pause / info / end screen – Distance based score – easy to reskin – Nice motocross physics

This is a unique motocross style game made using Buildbox.

It’s addictive, nice looking, working smoothly and using checkpoint mechanics ==> wich means when you die, you get back to the last checkpoint

The game is very easy to reskin ( change the character on the bike / the bike itself / the background / and some objects )

I will be adding new mechanics / obstacles / ennemies in coming updates .

Ps: to make the reskin, you need to use eclipse 1) change the app name 2) Package name ID 3) Admob IDs 4) Splash image 5) atlas_ID5052 ( that contain the character ) you can find it in assetsDataAtlases 6) The background music ( i purchased it , it’s single license, so you don’t have the right to use it again )

Have Fun

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