Blood donor app Free Download

Blood donor app: Sometimes it happens that we need emergency blood for our relatives or friends. An effective solution can be done by this application. It will help you find blood donors from your area or your known institute. When anyone try to visit this app it will ask for enabling GPS, to find nearest blood banks.


  • Blood donors
  • Blood seekers to request for blood
  • Blood banks to save blood
  • List of nearest blood banks via GPS
  • Helpline numbers
  • Location of blood banks

Push notifications:

Push notification for blood donors, blood seekers and blood banks.


User can register with this app from register page as well as via Facebook. There are three types of registration.

  • Blood donor: A form type page for blood donor of fields last donation of blood(can donate or not now), notifications
  • Blood seeker: Blood seeker can request for blood and a notification will be sent to donors and blood banks.
  • Blood bank: Blood bank saves blood record and can edit record if required.

Blood Donor Usernames:
password: 12345 Blood Seeker Usernames:
password: 12345 Blood Bank Usernames:
password: 12345

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