Bouncing Soccer Ball with AdMob & Leaderboard Free Download

Bouncing Soccer ball, it’s a bouncing game where you can play the game with unending of reflex. Your goal here is to keep the ball safe and under control while avoiding all objects including falling,spikes, bombs… This game makes you addicted to it.

The best thing about the gameplay of this game is, that it never gets boring , Because the scenes in this game are generated randomly everytime. So from the start you don’t know what scene will show up. And also you should have a good reflex.

How to play:

  • Tap the screen to make the ball jumping over obstacles.
  • Avoid the falling Bombs.


  • Eclipse Code.
  • Share button, Rate button
  • Leaderboard, So you can have competition in your game.
  • Admob and RevMov and MoPub is used for Monetisation, so you can choose one.

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