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Camera Color Picker – Like it, Pick it

Color Picker App is created with User Interface for Designers who deal with color such as Web Designer or Mobile UI Designer to select color from android camera. You can easily grab the color around you by focusing the camera on a specific object. You can save multiple colors and create color palette which you can use for various purposes like designing website graphics and mobile application designing. Follow the quick steps to grab a color with Camera Color Picker:

How to use & features

Start the app

Focus the camera on an object

Tap anywhere on the screen and the object’s color will be selected automatically.

Save the color into the app database by clicking on save button

You can also pick numerous colors through the camera and save them. After that you can choose all relevant colors and create your own palettes or color themes which can be easily shared with your friends with various apps present in your phone.

  1. Real-time color detection.
  2. Save Color
  3. Color palettes generation.
  4. Instant color picking by tapping the screen.
  5. Supports common color models (RGB, HEX, HSV).
  6. Copy color to clipboard.
  7. Share colors with friends.
  8. Turn flash light in low-light conditions.
  9. Admob banner.
  10. Easy to reskin, you have to just change 2 images i.e icon and splash.

How to Reskin

  • Import project to Android studio
  • Change package and application name
  • change icon and splash
  • change admob id
  • change color (optional)
  • Publish it



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