Circulate – Admob and Leaderboard Free Download

Circulate – Find the gap
Admob + Leaderboard + In-app Purchase

Circulate – Simply TAP to reach the GOAL – you just need to TAP at the right time to go through the rotating circles to get a star

The NEW one touch Arcade Game that’s so simple to play yet hard to master.

This game is made with eclipse and cocos2d-x lib and designed our own graphics in photoshop so you can easily reskin it.We have also included Character selection menu and in-app purchase to remove ads.You have to just change some assets and value and you are ready to upload.

Demo apk

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Support Guidelines:

  • We will Support you as much as possible
  • We will only cater support within the app fixes, bugs or some lightweight changes, any strong modification of the code which includes total changes of the app like functionality removed or functionality added will be not entertained.
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