DeadlyPool A Superhero Game + PSD Free Download

  1. DeadlyPool A Superhero Game + In-App Purchase
  2. DeadlyPool A Superhero Game best killer game on code canyon, with PSD included
  3. Kill Enemy and Run !. Jump over platform that moves unpredictably!
  4. In-App purchase for remove ads
  5. Google’s Leader-board Scores are uploaded to a Googles’s Leaderboard for everyone to see.
  6. Best Score The game saves the Best Scores on the user’s Device.
  7. Share on Facebook’Whatsapp and others Lets user choose where he wishes to share
  8. Restart Feature Player can restart game after game over.
  9. Rate It ! Feature The app has a rate button to make it easier for players to give you a good rating.

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