Dodge Line – iOS Game Template Free Download

About Dodge Line

Dodge Line is a simple game that will amaze you !

Control the little dot, tap the screen to jump on the lines. Be careful and don’t touch the blue ennemies !


– Many Unique Crazy Levels

– One Tap Play ! So Simple

– AdMobs Integrated Banner & Interstitial, Heyzap, Chartboost and many others

– Assets easy to modify, Images, Icon and Sounds

– Multiple Characters

What you will have

– Dodge Line iOS

– Documentation on how to set up the game and change the Images and Sounds

– Preview Images

– Assets and Sounds already prepared for modification

Test APK

For more information on building the APK file, go check the video of Mobile Game Templates :

Thank you

Thanks for purchasing this item, we wish you the best of luck and stay available for any further information in the comments section !

Caution !

If you don’t have buildbox, you won’t be able to change the levels but only the graphics as to know, the icon and the images. If you need some support to change the images, do not hesitate to contact me via the comments section once again !

P.S. : The Buildbox Project is not included, feel free to contact me if you are interested in purchasing it =).


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