Dog vis pacem, para bellum – IOS 9 SpriteKit Swift Dog Game with iAd/adMob Free Download

Dog vis pacem, para bellum – run avoid, collect, repeat in this fast paced beautiful runner. Test your reflexes with simple one touch controls to avoid obstacles. Enjoy clean and beautiful graphics along with an awesome soundtrack. Woof!y

It is easy to customize and reskin, has well structured code, all settings in one file, Native XCode project made with Spritekit and Swift language, Universal app.

Dog vis pacem, para bellum – includes

  • Universal App
  • GameCenter Leaderboards Integrated
  • AdMob interstitials support integrated
  • AdMob banner support integrated
  • iAd interstitials support integrated
  • iAd banner support integrated
  • Social Sharing & Screenshots integrated
  • Rate App functionality integrated
  • Flat UI colors
  • 3 in game images
  • 6 in game icons
  • App icon (all sizes)
  • 1 background loop sound
  • 2 in game fx sounds
  • Original sketch file for all images and icons exportable to any resolution

You can easily change and update everything in the game.

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