Flappy Clumsy Dragon +Admob +IAP +endless +MORE! Free Download


This game template is ready for reskin – graphics you see in the preview are not included. Most of the graphics I used in the game preview can be bought here:

Graphics I used for the preview:

Graphics included in game:

You should prepare graphics with similiar pixel dimensions and just „copy->paste” to replace them in the folder.

You don’t know Corona SDK? Don’t worry! You’ll make a signed “apk” in few minutes (for free)!

IN APP PURCHASE included! Players can buy coins packs or remove ads for real money.

INCENTIVIZED VIDEO ADS included! Players can watch videos to resurrect.

ADMOB INTERSTITIALS included! You can set the time which must pass to show next ad.

GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES included! Global leaderboards containing best scores and most games played.

ACHIEVEMENTS included! 12 achievements to unlock (first game, 10 games played, 100 games played, 1000 games played, 10000 score, 25000 score, 50000 score, 100000 score, use a power up, unlock a dragon, unlock all dragons, buy something for real money).

INTUITIVE USER INTERFACE – flap the wings with tapping the screen and push buttons to activate power-ups. MUSIC AND SOUNDS ready – there are sounds played in these situations (click the button, collect the coin, player die, explosion, hit, invincible mode activated, normal shot, power shot, tap to flap). You must replace music and sounds with your own files (those provided by me are silent).

CONFIGURE game parameters – just change numbers in few lines to modify: speed, force after tapping the screen, density of the dragon, distance between towers (horizontally and vertically, time between shots of enemies, enemies’ shots speed, how much time the invincible mode lasts, how many coins are used for resurrection).

Game physics are based on the original title „Flappy Bird”. Player should avoid obstacles called towers, and fight with enemy birds if they appear. Use simple shot to kill birds, use power shot to destroy towers and use invincible mode to fly fast without being hit. Collect coins to buy power-ups or to unlock 3 other dragons.

The game is made with Corona SDK (version 2015.2731 and higher should be used). Send me a message or comment if you have any questions. I’m always happy to answer.

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