Font Shape iOS Swift 2.0 App Free Download

This app developed in Swift 2.0 allows the user to create great compositions (using masks) with images and texts. Within a canvas the user can add a background image from his gallery or camera that can be scaled and moved and add several text above that can be also moved and scaled as well as set to mask the image.

As usual, the app allows the user to share the final image using any app installed in his/her device as Facebook or Twitter.

Moreover you can almost directly built and make revenue out of this app as it also includes Google AdMob support.


– Create masks with images and texts: You can import images and texts, scale and move them, change its color and create a mask out of them for a cool effect.

– iPhone & iPad support: Works on any model of this family of devices. iOS8 & iOS9: Specially coded to work on the last OS major updates.

– Flat design: It has a flat design matching current web and app design trends.?

– Use of Storyboard: In order to provide a visual reference and speed up development.

– Clean & commented code: The code tries to be as basic as possible and there are comments on the most important parts.

– Auto resize with all devices: The UI adapts itself using NSConstraints and shows or hides certain elements to fit all screens. It is specially designed to look great on any screen.

– Share to any app: Thanks to in-built share protocol, you can share the final image using any app installed on your device.

– Google AdMob support: We added a bottom banner to display Google AdMob ads so you can make some revenue out of this app.

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