iBurgler Free Download

iBurgler it’s a casual game that resembles a bit with Candy Crush but with a interesting gameplay twist.You need to match the key combinations with the corresponding safe.Do that before getting caught or time runs out and you are

a legendary thief. Inside the vaults you may find money,powerups or diamonds that are randomly distributed each time.

Main powerups: -X-RAY: will create a x-ray circle to see for 5 secs inside the vaults. -TIME FREEZE: Freeze time. -EMP:Freeze alarm. -ROCKET: Drop a homing missle to blow up the safe. It will always scan and look for a vault with goodies inside.

It also has the grounds for in-game currency. You can use diamonds to convert them in money or upgrades. Levels are randomly generated each time based on the set difficulty. For now the map contains 150 levels but you can easily expand further.

You can also compile it to: iOS,Android,PC and HTML5.All platforms tested and working.

In the end, I really hope that someone can publish this and make a good game out of it because it would be sad to stay and get dust in my PC. Wish you all the best!

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