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IonPass is a full password manager app using IonicFramwork and Firebase as backend To keep our passwords synchronized across all our devices and platforms with social login. There are many password managers on the market right now, all of which may or may not truly keep your passwords safe. IonPass use a very secure logic to keep all you password safe and every thing saved on the backend is encrypted using the very strong AES cipher.

Ionic View : 3d8b1284. OR APK :

The social Login is deactivated on the ionic view version.


  • Admob Integrated and ready to use
  • Real-time updates with Firebase v3 database
  • Implements Angular filters, watchers, and services
  • Well Documented Code
  • Simple-yet-elegant UI
  • Master Password encryption
  • Manage Passwords Categories
  • Manage Passwords
  • 100% encrypted Data
  • Login (Firebase and Social)
  • Logout
  • Form Validations

Next Updates (coming soon) :

  • Multi-langues
  • Import-export passwords
  • Bug fixs

Data Encryption :

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