MuscleZilla Workout App + Admob Free Download

MuscleZilla Workout App is an android app that is used as a workout & exercise guide. Current workouts can be easily modified or deleted, and new ones can be added also. Same goes for the exercises. The app has Admob integrated (banners and interstitials) and is a potential gold mine.

The source code gives the programmer the ability to add exercises with GIF demonstrations and images with affected muscles. This helps the user of the app better understand how certain exercises are performed.

Workouts are made up of three type of events: rest event, timed exercise event or repetitions exercise event. This means that the programmer has the ability to create very flexible and effective workouts. Workouts also have sound effects that notify the user when a new event has begun (rest, exercise).

To see all the cool features of the app, check the live demo here:

NOTE: In the demo there are around 70 exercises and 11 workouts for demonstration purposes, but in this package (source code) there are only 3 exercises and 1 workout. If you want to use the GIF demonstrations seen in the live demo, please contact the seller.

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