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Create beatiful news and blog application with Sweet News Template with Custom UI tools and layout system.Android News Template Full Application.Android custom design and element.

Slider Beautiful List Flip Over element.. A lot of the custom elements.

Supported In Android Studio

Change text color,photos and layout. Easy management, adapters system. Customize elements. High quality design (9-Patch And Drawable System) Phone and Tablet Scale Design,layout. Very Clean and code can be learned. Information document.


1.Splash Screen 2.Login Screen 3.Customizable Home Page 4.Customizable Slider 5.Customizable Beatiful List 6.Custom Card View And Tools Entegration 7.Google Admob Entegration 8.Easy Management Home Page 9.Scalable Card View 10.Custom and easy management left drawable menu 11.Detail Page 12.Custom Flip Over Tool (Editable Animation And Bounce Effect) 13.Beatiful And Minimalist Design Application 14.Easy Data Management 15.Custom Data Adapters (Left Menu,Slider,Home Page,Beatiful List Tool) 16.Supported In Android Studio 17.Easy To Learn,Object Oriented (Custom Model, Custom Adapter) 18.Custom Fonts Entegration Application 19. Phone And Tablet layout element. 20.Document And Info Files

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