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This been a great app to listen radio over internet. You can add your local radio list with streaming url to configure it for your local area. User will be able to listen radio from anywhere and everywhere even if he not stay in radio network. Also there is an option to differentiate FM and Online radio. User will be able to play radio from the classified radio list. There is an option to record radio. Radio can be played in background as like other music player. In background mode a radio controller will be appeared in notification area so that user can stop, next, previous channel.

Please check our demo:

  • App Features

    • Play FM radio over internet
    • Play online radio
    • Record radio
    • Play radio in background more
    • Control radio by notification controller in background mode
    • Navigate online and FM radio differently
    • Instant and fast radio play
    • Simple and great interface
    • Beautiful UI/UX
    • Extensive Documentation

    Video Demo

  • How to Setup

    • 1) Import/open project by Android Studio
    • 2) Open build.gradle (under app directory) file and change ‘applicationId’
    • 3) Open drawable, drawable-hdpi, drawable-xxhdpi directory and change app icon
    • 4) Open string.xml and change ‘app_ad_id’, ‘banner_ad_unit_id’ and ‘interstitial_ad_unit_id’ by your own Ad id. If you don’t want to enable fullscreen/interstitial ad then you can remove ‘interstitial_ad_unit_id’ and relevant java code
    • 5) Important Point: This app included 5 radio station for testing. You have to add radio as your expectation with as JSON data. Modify ‘radio_data.json’ in assets folder. You can add all of your local or global radio data. To add each radio you have to enter data as this format:

       {     "radio_id": 3,     "radio_name": "Radio Today",     "country": "Bangladesh",     "city": "Dhaka",     "radio_type": "FM",     "streaming_url": ""   }                 

       - radio_id*: Put and unique radio id for each channel - radio_name*: Put radio name here - country: Put country here, you can avoid this field if you don't want add this. This field is optional - city: Put city name. Again you can avoid this as this field also optional - radio_type*: Put radio type here. 'FM' if the radio is FM radio and 'Online' if the radio is online radio - streaming_url*: This is most important field for a radio. Find out exact streaming URL and put that here.                   There are several ways to get radio streaming URL. See 'Collect radio streaming URL' section to get tutorial.                   If you are still confused about it then please contact with us.                 


    If you buy this product then get more product technical details

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