Pixel run – Android and iOS Unity3D game with ads, leaderboards and analytics Free Download

Welcome in the world full of tiles, pixels and pastel colors. You start as lonely Pixel running on infinite road made from tiles and his role is to fly or jump as far as he can!

Beware of dangerous fog, which thickens by distance and can get your run harder and harder.

Pick up magic diamonds on path. Diamonds can help you get better score and to beat your opponents in leaderboards.


– Endless addictive gameplay
– Very easy to reskin
– Portablitiy to multiple platforms – iOS, Android and even more
– Google Analytics
– StartApp Ads – banners and interstitials
– Google Play Games leaderboards
– Rate App
– Full game template
– Unity 5.0.1f project

Reskin and customization

Project is built on top Unity 5, so all you have to do is:
– Install Unity 5
– Change Bundle Identifier, name, icon and sounds
– Change colors and textures
– Setup Google Analytics IDs
– Setup Google Play Game Services and leaderboard IDs
– Set up Start App Ad IDs
– Export to Android, iOS or even more platforms
– Profit!
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