PlayTube – Youtube Full Mobile Application Free Download

PlayTube is a Full HTML5 Mobile Application for Youtube. This is what you need if you have a Youtube channel and you want to create a mobile website or native app using solutions like Phonegap or Cordova.

It includes video list, views, likes/dislikes, description, author, publication date, top comments, playlists and more. Look at the Live Preview.

It also includes pull-to-refresh and infinite-scroll features.

The template is responsive and it contains media queries to adjust the layout for each device.

A nice documentation is included. It contains a step by step guide to configure the app with your channel. It’s very simple, you do not need any programming knowledge.

Requirements : Before purchase this app, please make sure you have :

  • A web server with PHP to run the app.
  • A Google account to generate an API key.
  • A text editor to edit some files.

Credits for the Documentation :

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