Rear RC Racing Free Download

1 game with live video streaming and real cars.

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Its about:

– Real weather conditions – Several tracks for choice – Real radio controlled cars – First Person View video streaming – Real traffic accidents, breakdowns – Real life driving experience from phone

Overview This mobile app grants access to control real world radio controlled cars from almost any place in the world.

It may be considered as multiplayer as several radio-controlled cars. It can be controlled simultaneously on a single track. The game provides multiple tracks. The radio controlled cars are equipped with high speed and quality wide angle video cameras and computers that ensure fast data processing speed and minimal network latency with player. The uniqueness of this app among other mobile platform games is that it grants access to real and physically existing devices. This results in a next generation video gaming experience.

N.B: It works only if it is linked to a real radio-controlled car.

Requirements! You need to register API key under which is absolutely for free. You will then be able to see real race statistics from your users. We wont charge you for races.

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