Red jumpy Ball Free Download

Don’t loose your time with useless apps; try this game and climb the top Charts! , The goal of the game is simple jump ball the best you can to make the highscore you can , the game very easy to reskin too!!!

This game is perfect for beginners! and I’m also offering video to explain how to make it done with your team. I am sure you also want to make some money from this, so we created for you a fast and clear, very similar game and even a better version of this!

Link for Google Play.

Themes you can choose

Beach ball, Basketball, Pool Ball etc..

If you like what the Top Grossing games in the App Stores are doing, then you will LOVE this game.

You will be following one of the biggest game trends in 2015!

Time = Money, if you remember all the first buyers of Flappy Bird who uploaded the code in the stores and made CRAZY MONEY. When I say CRAZY MONEY, it means $20,000.00. How do I know it? Because I was one of them!

Try my service!

Features and Requirements

Game Features:

AdMob banner and interstitial

Chartboost interstitial

Original game effects and better

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Google Analytics integrated

Universal App (for both iPhone and iPad)

Optimised for all iOS 7 and iOS 8 devices! (64bit Ready)

Build cocos2d-x v3.4 (Last Version)

How to Setup and Reskin

All steps are explained in the tutorial provided with the project step by step instructions. Please read it for more information.

Total game reskin developer and designer only takes you not more 3 hours

Basically change some colors in the code and logo, ask your designer to make great icon and screenshots (Important) work on your ASO and you ready to publish – 2 Hours Work MAX.

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