Red Riding Hood – Twitter & FB score post – InApp facebook page like – ADS Enabled Free Download

Red Riding Hood game it’s based on the Flappy Bird mechanic in the sense that you need to get the highest score you can but don’t get fooled.It’s harder than it seems.

The main story plot it’s that you need to help the Red Riding Hood to get the goodies to her grandma and avoid all the forest obstacles.

Techical wise this game looks polished and it comes in a 2.5D view in the sense that elements get spawned and come to you(please check the video demonstration for a better understanding).

The menu it’s also easily customizable and it transitions really nice with the game.

-Facebook & Twitter Score Post : Share your score direcly from the game on this two platforms.

-Endless Runner: It will endlessly spawn holes based on your progression level. The more points you get the harder it feels.

-ADS Enabled : Banner at the bottom of the page and Interstitial ads available.

-In-App FB Page Like : Let the player like your page directly from the game.

to check see a GIF of the gameplay(for some reason it won’t load in the description).I will also post very soon a video of it.


All you need to open and compile this source-code it’s GameMaker: STUDIO .

To open the source-code all you need to do is:

1)Unpack the archive.

2)Open one of the 2 sources(eighter import the .gmx folder or double click on the .gmz file).



With GameMaker it’s really easy to reskin games. All the images are located under the “SPRITES” tab. From there simply click on the sprite you wish to replace and click “Load Sprite”.

Thanks for your time and hope you will enjoy this game. One more important info it’s that i’m offering LIFETIME SUPPORT for any of my products

Wish you a great and happy day!

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