SafeHero Free Download

What is this?

Your family, your friends, your wife wants to know if you are alright.
The application will let you send a SMS letting them know that everything is ok.

With SafeHero you will do this really fast.

  • Drag the button down and a simple message will be sent: “The Hero is alright.”

  • Click the button and send a custom message

        Also you if you want to reward them for using/lerning new words you can prepare some “Special Words”: each special word will have a number of points which will be added to user’s total ONLY if the word was used in a message.


    • Send your message fast
    • Include location (Google Maps URL) directly in you message
    • Unique User Interface
    • In-app game for keeping your users motivated
    • 3 Themes
    • Tutorial for creating new themes
    • AdMob Integration (banner ads)

    How to Resking

    • Import project to Android studio
    • Change package and application name
    • Change icon
    • Change admob id
    • Change theme (optional)

    A document with more in-depth details can be found inside project.


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