Shuriken Tap Swift 2 Free Download


[How to play] Test your reflection > Tap on shuriken falling line to block it. Easy customization – no programming skills.


  • Devices: iPhone and iPad
  • iOS: 9.0
  • Developed on Xcode 7
  • Language: Swift 2
  • Game Framework: SpriteKit
  • Ads: iAd, adMob, Chartboost
  • Game Center
  • in-App Purchases

Easy Configurations

If you wish to modify some aspects of the game, you can change the variables and constants in Configurations.swift

 //Game Configurations     let gravity:CGFloat = 2.5     let increaseGravity:CGFloat = 0.1     let maxGravity:CGFloat = 9     let scorePosition_bottom:Bool = false     let buttonsMenuPosition_bottom:Bool = true     let useBackgroundImage:Bool = true     let colorBackground:UIColor = UIColor.blackColor()     let configSound:Bool = false      //Font     let fontName:String = "Molot" //Info.plis -> Fonts provided by application     let fontColor:UIColor = UIColor.whiteColor()     let fontColorShadow:UIColor = UIColor.blackColor() 
  • gravity: falling speed at shurikens.
  • increaseGravity: increase speed per point
  • maxGravity: max. speed
  • scorePosition_bottom: where position the score(true = bootom, false = top).
  • buttonsMenuPosition_bottom: where position the menu buttons(true = bootom, false = top).
  • configSound: to use button of sound.
  • useBackgroundImage: the background of the game can to have an image or only color.

Change Sounds:If you sounds have others names change it here

  //Sounds     let soundPoint = "Score.mp3"      let soundGameOver = "GameOver.wav"      let soundNewGame = "NewGame.wav"      let soundPlayerDie = "Die.mp3"      let soundClick = "Tap.mp3"  

Configure if you want use banner ads -> iAd / adMob and the position Top or Bottom. If you want use “Chartboost” and when show on screen game over.

 //Ads     // -  Banners     let useBannerAds:Bool = true     let use_iAds:Bool = true     let use_adMob:Bool = true     let bannerPosition_bottom:Bool = false     let showBannerGameplay:Bool = false     let adMobID:String = "ca-app-pub-5463627996411476/5864942547"      // - Chartboost     let use_chartboost:Bool = true     let showChartboostWhenGameOver:Int = 1     let chartboostID:String = "5384b1f41873da015c88d17d"      let chartboostSignature:String = "2166c451c84b24317fefdc953919d123c2cbf489"  

For use in-app Purchases -> usePurchaseNoAds=true and change you productID

 //In-App Purchase     let usePurchaseNoAds:Bool = true     let purchaseID:String = "com.pixelbulls.shurikenTouch.inapp.noads"  

For use GameCenter -> useGameCenter=true and change ID of your leaderboard

 //GameCenter     let useGameCenter:Bool = true     let leaderboardID:String = "com.pixelbulls.shurikenTouch.score"  

For use Rate -> useRateApp=true and change the number of you Apple ID

 //Rate App     let useRateApp:Bool = true     let appleID:String = "893171904"  

Custom Sprites

You can replace existing images by drag and dropping your new sprite onto the ‘Set Viewer’ in Assets.xcassets. Make sure to provide all versions of your sprite. It is also a good idea to keep the size of your new sprites the same size as the old, original sprites.  
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